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The Support Services Aide (SSA) is a paid employee who services for the summer season. The SSA is in charge of the store operation as well as the resource person for sports equipment and craft supplies. S/he will maintain inventories of sports equipment. S/he is also responsible for keeping the sports storage areas neat, and the lower lodge bathrooms, staff room and “Café Hope” clean. The specific responsibilities of the SSA vary from session to session depending on the specific needs of the programs.



The SSA serves during the summer season as determined by the Center’s programs and needs.


Employed and Supervised by

The SSA is employed by Hope Conference and Renewal Center and supervised by the Summer Staff Supervisor in consultation with the Center Administrator.



The SSA helps coordinate details among all departments for the smooth operation of services provided to camper/guest.

General Planning, Preparations and Staff Communications

The SSA cooperatively works with all other weekly volunteer and summer-long paid staff. S/he fully participates in the Summer-Long Staff Training as well as daily and weekly staff meetings. The SSA cooperates and communicates with the Summer Staff Supervisor and Center Administrator.


A. Store ~ The SSA

  1. Functions as the store clerk and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the store as directed by the Summer Staff Supervisor. Keeps accurate sales records and income for daily deposit. Maintains accurate debit/credit records for camper/guest and staff.

  2. Maintains ongoing inventories of all store items. In a timely fashion after approval by the Summer Staff Supervisor, contacts vendors/suppliers to order and arrange for delivery of the necessary amounts of these items within budget guidelines.

  3. Oversees and executes the safety and cleanliness of the store area including staff room, bathrooms, Café Hope, Sports equipment storage area and Arts & Crafts room so as to meet County and State Health Department standards and others as established by the Center Administrator.

B. Sports Equipment ~ The SSA 

  1. Maintain a weekly inventory of all sports equipment. Remove all defective equipment from service.

  2. With the assistance of the Program Assistant, purchases the necessary new or replacement sports equipment.

  3. Keeps the sports equipment room in an orderly and clean manner. Makes sure all equipment is returned to the sports equipment room after use.


C. Administration ~ The SSA

  1. Assists with the registration and orientation of groups in consultation with the Center and Program Directors.

  2. Gives all shipping invoices, bills and statements to the Administrative Assistant (crafts, sports & games, store, etc.)

D. Policy and Procedures

The SSA personally follows, adheres to and models all policies and procedures of the Center, including the Personnel Policies, Discipline Policy, Emergency Procedures, and Guidelines. The SSA encourages other staff to do the same.

E. General ~ SSA

  1. Participates in the life of the camp community as much as possible and in consultation with the Summer Staff Supervisor.

  2. Supports the mission of Hope Center and the Moravian Church through word and deed.

  3. Performs other duties as requested by the Center Administrator and assists in other departments when able.

  4. Encourages camper/guests to be actively involved with other Moravian and Hope Center programs and events. 

  5. Completes written evaluations of the program and personnel performance as instructed. 

  6. Seeks time for personal devotions and Christian meditation.



A. Has demonstrated or has potential effective and Christian leadership skills and abilities in:

  1. Cleanliness.

  2. Caring and supportive personality.

  3. Evaluation situations fairly.

  4. Making decisions based upon Christian principles and Hope Center philosophy, rules and regulations.

  5. Organizational skills.

B. Posses or be:

  1. Commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church.

  2. Familiarity with the Moravian Church and its beliefs.

  3. Active in a Christian Church.

  4. Minimum of age 16 (17 and high school graduate preferred).

Other Information

  • As with all Weekly and Summer-Long Staff, a Covenant (contract) is issued for signature to the SSA by the Center Administrator on behalf of the Hope Center Management Board.

  • Remunerations: salary, workers’ compensation staff shirt, training, and reimbursement for approved expenses. Guaranteed minimum of 24 consecutive hours off per week and at least 2 hours break per day.

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