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2024 Summer Camps

The GRADES listed are for the year that the camper will complete before coming to camp.

For example, if your child is in 6th grade for the 2023/2024 school year, they may come to the following camps: Middler (Grades 5 and 6), Swim Camp (Grades 3 - 6) and Musical Theater Camp (Grades 5 - 9).

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Grades 1, 2
July 21 - 24
Cost:  $345

You're young, curious, and ready to go, but how can you make a difference in this big world? Come to Camp Hope and sample everything it has to offer in this special short program for early elementary campers.

Grades 3, 4
August 4 - 10
Cost:  $520

This week you will have the opportunity to make new friends and to come to a deeper understanding of your faith. First time and seasoned campers alike will share in a spirit-filled week of camp.

Grades 5, 6
July 14 - 20
Cost:  $520

This is a perfect opportunity for pre-teens to grow in their faith and to build positive friendships while having fun together in a Christian setting. Challenge yourself and your small group to work together during your week of camp. There may be times when you don't think you can do it, but at Middler Camp you will discove that with Christ even the biggest challenge can be overcome. Middler Camp traditions include Capture the Counselor, the coveted "Clean Sock Award," Carnival, and Camp Olympics. Come join in the fun!

Jr. High
Grades 7, 8
July 28 - August 3
Cost:  $520

Our everyday lives are full of countless joys and challenges, opportunities, and distractions. At Junior High Conference, we will spend the week exploring who God is, what it means to be a Christian, when you can talk to God (that's easy, it's all the time), where God is, and how we can be the hands and feet of Christ for others.

Sr. High
Grades 9 - 12
July 7 - 13
Cost:  $520

A spiritual and deeply moving experience, this conference provides the opportunity to explore your relationship with Christ. There will be lots of opportunities to connect with new and old friends, strengthen your faith, develop a caring community, and share a lot of fun together.

Musical Theater
Grades 5 - 9
June 30 - July 6
Cost:  $550

This specialty camp for performers will give campers a taste of all aspects of musical theater, from singing and choreography to backstage crew. The camp will culminate in two public performances of Lion King, Jr.

Grades 3 - 6
July 21 - 27
Cost:  $550

This fun-filled specialty camp provides an opportunity for campers to learn and practice new swimming skills. Classes are designed and supervised by our Water Safety Instructor assisted by the lifeguards and counselors.

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