Camp Hope’s tiered pricing structure is intended to help families recognize how much a week at camp really costs and then select the level of payment most appropriate for their circumstances. This gives you the ability to choose the tier that is most affordable for your family. No matter which price is selected, all campers receive the same camp experience!

In the past, Camp Hope’s summer conferences and camps have always been offered at a subsidized rate, which is lower than the actual cost associated with running summer camp. We have been able to do this through the generous support we receive from the Eastern District of the Moravian Church's Northern Province and through donations received from individuals, groups and organizations dedicated to continuing the Camp Hope Ministry. They truly support Camp Hope and its impact on the youth who visit our camp each summer and the impact it has on the lives of countless children, youth, and families.

Our goal in introducing tiered pricing is simple: we want to continue to provide a safe, active, and inclusive Christian community at Camp Hope's summer camps and conferences. This is an opportunity to partner with us to continue our impact for those who value this ministry and wish to help preserve the Camp Hope Summer Camp Experience for generations to come. Tiered pricing offers the opportunity for you to take an active role in supporting more closely the true cost of the camp experience and/or helping other campers to have their own Camp Hope Experience, if your financial situation allows.

The Tiered pricing does not affect the church contribution levels. The choice to move up to a different tier is strictly that, a choice to pay a higher amount that more accurately covers the cost of a full week of camp at Camp Hope.

  • Tier #1 is Camp Hope's historical rate. This rate is a heavily subsidized rate and does not reflect the full per-camper cost associated with providing summer camp programs.

  • Tier #2 is between the subsidized published camper rate and the full cost of providing a Camp Hope summer program for each camper.

  • Tier #3 accounts for the full cost of providing a Camp Hope summer camp program AND provides extra funds to continue the Camp Hope experience for all.