Quilt Camp is a four-day retreat designed for women. If you would like to learn to quilt, you will receive expert instruction and encouragement. We have devotional times, shared meals, and time to enjoy the outdoors.

The schedule at Quilt Camp is flexible. Feel free to come for the whole four days or any days or nights that work for you.

In addition to stitching, we share tips and tools of the quilting art and take time to show off our latest projects.

To keep costs low, this camp brings its own food. Each camper is asked to bring ingredients for meals. We have a cook who prepares meals and cleans up for us! We even have an annual "banquet" and awards ceremony (Dutch treat at a local restaurant).

The Hope Quilters, which is what we call anyone who helps with the quilting projects, meet during the year for work days. If you are interested in joining us, contact Lois Bly Mease at 610-360-0132 for a schedule. You can also find us on Facebook!

There will be a quilt to work on, and anyone is welcome to spend as little or as much time stitching as they like. Quilting isn't required, however. You may bring your own handwork.