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The Waterfront Director (Head Lifeguard) is a paid employee who serves for the summer season, providing safe and healthy operations of the swimming pool, boating, lake and other water-based activities as directed by the Center Administrator and the Center’s Certified Pool Operator. The Waterfront Director prepares and cleans the pool, beach, boats, and adjacent facilities. S/he cares for the safety of the swimmers and boaters according to established procedures. The Waterfront Director is responsible for coordination and supervising all lifeguarding staff. S/he also serves in another secondary department. The specific responsibilities of the Waterfront Director vary from session to session depending on the specific needs of the program and waterfront activities.



The Waterfront Director serves during the summer season as determined by the Center’s programs and needs.


Employed and Supervised by

The Waterfront Director is employed by Hope Conference and Renewal Center and is supervised by the Center Administrator. In terms of swimming pool mechanical and chemical operations, s/he is daily supervised by the Center’s Certified Pool Operator.



The Waterfront Director provides clean areas, conducts swim tests, supervises pool and lake activities, and attends to all other matters related to water based activities. The Waterfront Director also serves in a secondary department as determined by the Center’s needs and his/her talents or skills.


A. General Planning, Preparations and Staff Communications

The Waterfront Director cooperatively works with all other weekly volunteer and summer-long paid staff. S/he fully participates in the Summer-Long Staff Training as well as daily and weekly staff meetings. The Waterfront Director cooperates and communicates with the Certified Pool Operator on a regular basis and follows the instructions of him/her. When the Waterfront Director serves in another department, s/he receives direction from the Summer Staff Supervisor and the Center Administrator.


B. Waterfront Preparation, Cleanliness and Repair

The Waterfront Director daily checks the chemical balances in the pool and cleans and checks the pool, pool house, pool house bathrooms, beach, and lifeguarding equipment. S/he wears clothing to identify him/her as a lifeguard. The Waterfront Director conducts swim tests for all participants in youth programs (staff and campers) before their first recreational swim or boating, and records, in writing, the swimming ability level of each. The Waterfront Director becomes familiar with each youth camper and his/her swimming ability. The Waterfront Director regularly examines all equipment, reports damages, provides for their repair, and completes reports as required.


C. Safety

The Waterfront Director enforces the procedures and rules established by the Center as interpreted by the Center Administrator for the swimmer’s/boater’s safety, alarm calls and whistles, lifesaving procedures, and buddy checks. The Waterfront Director ensures that all boaters wear approved personal flotation devices (“life jackets”) and are aware of boating rules. S/he is expected to maintain the standards of the New Jersey Department of Health.


D. Policy and Procedures

The Waterfront Director personally follows, adheres to and models all policies and procedures of the Center, including the Personnel Policies, Discipline Policy, Emergency Procedures, and Guidelines. S/he encourages other staff to do the same.


E. Other Responsibilities

The Waterfront Director seeks time for personal devotions and Christian meditation. S/he also serves in a secondary, non-programmatic department, i.e., kitchen or maintenance. The Waterfront Director completes written evaluation(s) of his/her and other staff performance as requested. S/he does other duties as requested by the Center Administrator.



A. Has demonstrated skills and abilities in:

  1. Swimming and lifesaving techniques.

  2. Record keeping appropriate for the position.

  3. Cooperative (group) problem-solving.

  4. Caring and supportive personality.

  5. Making decisions based upon Christian principles and Hope Center philosophy, rules and regulations.

B. Possess or be:

  1. Commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church.

  2. Willing to become familiar with the Moravian Church and its beliefs.

  3. Active in a Christian Church.

  4. Lifeguard, First Aid, and CPR certification form the American Red Cross (or similar organization)

  5. Minimum of age 19.

Other Information

  • As with all Weekly and Summer-Long Staff, a Covenant (contract) is issued for signature to the Lifeguard by the Center Administrator on behalf of the Hope Center Management Board. 

  • Remunerations: salary, workers’ compensation, staff shirt, training, and reimbursement for approved expenses. Guaranteed minimum of 24 consecutive hours off per week and at least 2 hours break per day.

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