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The Assistant Cook serves full time for the summer season to provide complete meal and snack service for the camper/guests and staff under the direction of the Food Service Manager. S/he assists the Food Service Manager with food preparation, menu details, orders food, inventories, overseeing the Kitchen Staff, and providing  for clean and safe food service operations.



The Assistant Cook is a full-time summer seasonal position (late-June through late August or early-September). Additional service may be available, and, if so, will be independently contracted over and above the initial contract.


Employed and Supervised by

The Assistant Cook is employed by Hope Conference and Renewal Center and supervised by the Food Service Manager in consultation with the Center Administrator. H/she is supervised by the Food Service Manager.



A. General Planning, Preparations and Staff Communications

The Assistant Cook cooperatively works with all other weekly volunteer and summer-long paid staff. S/he fully participates in the Summer-Long Staff training as well as daily and weekly staff meetings as time permits in consultation with the Food Service Manager. The Assistant Cook daily and regularly coordinates operations with the Food Service Manager, kitchen aides, and volunteers.

B. Menu Planning and Raw Food Ordering

  1. As directed the Assistant Cook helps the Food Service Manager plan well-balanced, hot and nutritious menus for all summer program participants, including conferences, camps, retreats, staff meals and special events within the established budget and guidelines from the Center Administrator.

  2. The Assistant Cook immediately gives shipping invoices, purchase orders, statements and bills to the Center Administrator after verification of receipt and accuracy.


C. Food Preparation

With the direction of the Food Service Manager and the assistance of the  Kitchen Aides, the Assistant Cook directly prepares, cooks and oversees all contracted meals and snacks provided on the property of or for programs of Hope Center. 

D. Inventories

As directed by the Food Service Manager, the Assistant Cook maintains ongoing inventories of raw food, kitchen supplies, and kitchen equipment and advises the Food Service Manager of needs and repairs.

E. Kitchen Staff

In consultation with the Food Service Manager the Assistant Cook supervises, trains and directs the Kitchen Aides in their assigned duties, including food preparation, delivery, and cleaning of the kitchen, storage rooms, and eating areas.

F. Cleanliness and Safety

The Assistant Cook helps ensure, oversee and assist with the cleaning of all kitchen facilities, equipment, food storage areas, and eating areas so as to ensure compliance with County and State Health Department standards and others as established by the Center Administrator.

G. Policy and Procedures

The Assistant Cook personally follows, adheres to and models all policies and procedures of the Center, including the Personnel Policies, Discipline Policy, Emergency Procedures, and Guidelines. S/he encourages other staff to do the same.

H. Other Responsibilities

  1. The Assistant Cook seeks time for personal devotions and Christian meditation.

  2. H/she completes written evaluation(s) of his/her and other staff performance as requested. 

  3. The Assistant Cook participates in the life of the camp community as much as possible.

  4. S/he supports the mission of Hope Center and the Moravian Church through word and deed and practices a ministry of hospitality.

  5. S/he performs other duties as requested by the Center Administrator.


A. Has demonstrated skills and abilities in:

  1. Previous camp (or comparable) food service experience, with supervisory responsibilities.

  2. Demonstrated experience in meeting Health Department Standards of cleanliness.

  3. Cooperative (group) problem-solving.

  4. Caring and supportive personality.

  5. Making decisions based upon Christian principles and Hope Center philosophy, rules and regulations.


B. Possess or be:

  1. Commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church.

  2. Willing to become familiar with the Moravian Church and its beliefs.

  3. Active in a Christian Church.

  4. A high school diploma.

  5. Minimum of age 18.

  6. Current Drivers license preferable.

Other Information

  • As with all Weekly and Summer-Long Staff, a Covenant (contract) is issued for signature to the Assistant Cook by the Center Administrator on behalf of the Hope Center Management Board. 

  • Remunerations: salary, workers’ compensation, staff shirt, training, and reimbursement for approved expenses. Guaranteed minimum of 24 consecutive hours off per week and at least 2 hours break per day.               

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